Day 163 9/20/15

Start: Stratton, ME

Finish: Stratton, ME

Miles Hiked: 0

To Go: 188.2

Overall Miles Hiked: 2001

It rained all night and most of the morning. I was packed and ready to hike but by the time everything cleared out it was almost noon. I wanted to keep my feet as dry as possible and figured a day off for my knees would not hurt so I decided to zero. I spent most of my day working on the blog and talking to some SOBOs at the hostel. I’m the only NOBO here so they have been asking me questions about gear and the trail and I am more than happy to help. One of the guys is named James and here is a story about how he got his trail name. 

James – Sensodyne 

One month ago James was sitting in the back of a crowded early morning bus heading to the base of Katahdin for his first day of hiking on the A.T. No one was speaking as they tried to fight back inevitable first-day jitters. James was picturing his first steps on what would be an epic adventure. He had been preparing for this moment for the last three years. He figured it would take him five and half hours to reach the summit and by that time it would be bright and sunny out. “Better put on sunscreen”, he thought as he reached for the small container with no label he found in the hiker box last night. He fumbled for it in the dark for a moment or so before locating the container at the bottom of his dry bag. He unscrewed the lid and squeezed a heaping portion of the substance into his open palm. James began liberally applying it to his face, neck and arms. He thought it was unusually thick as far as other sunscreens were concerned and that it smelled different but he forged ahead nonetheless. It was at about this time the James overheard the older gentleman sitting in front of him. The older man was asking, to no one in particular, “what the heck is that smell? It smells like, like…” James’ olfactory senses kicked into gear and he suddenly knew the answer to the old man’s inquiry. As James’ eyes closed and the blood began to leave his face, the old man completed his thought, “it smells like toothpaste”. James would now be known as Sensodyne. He said he just assumed the container was sunscreen and had never checked. 

Hiker town diet 

3 thoughts on “Day 163 9/20/15

  1. My good friend, Larry, said you ascended today. Congratulations! I have been following the postings, and saving each that came to my inbox for references. Not sure if you know the podcast show with Pox Holiday, and Puss In Boots, but I have asked them to include some of the portions of the AT that you mention in there episodes. Most recently, that section that took all day to go so little in distance.


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