Day 162 9/19/15

Start: Poplar Ridge Lean-To

Finish: Stratton, ME

Miles Hiked: 21.5

To Go: 188.2

Overall Miles Hiked: 2001

 I didn’t sleep very well last night so as soon as the sun came up I broke down camp and started hiking. I had heard from several day hikers that we were supposed to get some rain tonight and I definitely didn’t want another repeat of Monday night. I was planning on hiking around 14 miles and then going into Stratton tomorrow but with the news of the weather I decided to push it and put in a big day in hopes of making Stratton late in the afternoon. My first big climb was up Lone Mountain but thankfully most of the trail was well graded only leaving me with 1000 foot or so of steep climbing.  I stopped at Spalding Mtn. Lean-to for lunch. I still had 13 1/2 miles left to go, eight of which would be hard hiking over Spalding, Sugarloaf, South and North Crocker mountains. By the time I reach the summit of North Crocker mountain I was pretty wiped out and thankfully only had 5 miles of nice and easy downhill trail left. 

If the weather wasn’t supposed to deteriorate later, I would not have pushed myself so hard today. My knees are still hurting and I have developed some blisters on my feet but the thought of having another wet night in my tent scared me. I’m sure I will encounter rain again on the trail but if I can get into town and avoid it, I will. You may be wondering why I didn’t just sleep in a shelter – there weren’t any in between my lunch shelter and Stratton. A while before town I stopped dead in my tracks. In the middle of the trail was the 2000 mile marker. 

I have now officially height over 2000 miles on the Appalachian Trail. I checked into the Stratton Hotel after getting a quick hitch. By the time I ate and showered it was time for bed.

2 thoughts on “Day 162 9/19/15

  1. Grew up fishing the Belgrade lakes south of Stratton, when I came to the bayou, I didn’t know how to fish without looking at my hook and bait 60 feet deep! Enjoy your days!


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