Day 159 9/16/15 

Start: South Arm Road

Finish: ME 17

Miles Hiked: 13.2

To Go: 233.6

Overall Miles Hiked: 1955.6

It was so good to sleep in a hostile and dry out! I woke up feeling really good and was happy to see clear skies. I checked out of the hostel early and immediately started climbing 2,200 feet to the top of Old Blue Mountain. No surprise to me, it was a steep climb and I hit the top two hours later. I sat down with two other hikers who had already summitted, Waldo and Greybeard of the O.M.O.W.A. (old men out walking around). Turns out, Greybeard and I have a common friend back home in New Orleans. My friend Josh Fogerty and Greybeard’s nephew both have stake in the restaurant The Big Cheesy, small world. 

View from Old Blue Mountain 

After the climb up Old Blue, the hard work for the day was mostly over. The rest of my hike took me over some semi-open ridges that often gave amazing views of the surrounding mountains. When I arrived at ME 17 I was planning on hiking another 3 1/2 miles. I would probably have to hike in the dark to do so. Right as I was about to enter the woods on the other side of the highway, another hiker came out of the woods and said she was taking a shuttle into Rangely to stay at the Farmhouse. Rockboat recommended staying here so I decided to tagalong. I arrive shortly after 6:30 and grabbed a bunk. After showering and eating a hamburger it was time for bed.

  Random bench along trail 

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