Day 158 9/15/15

Day 158 9/15/15
Start: East B Hill Rd.

Finish: South Arm Road

Miles Hiked: 10.1

To Go: 246.8

Overall Miles Hiked: 1942.4

View of one of the many ponds of Maine  

Around 4:00 this morning I woke up and could tell it had finally stopped raining. I contemplated packing up because I felt so miserable but decided I really needed as much sleep as I could get. A few hours later I packed up my soaked gear which probably added several pounds to my pack and yawned my way up the trail. The skies were actually clear and I could see the sun for the first time. Luckily, the trail was pretty easy until Moody Mountain so I made good miles. The ascent up Moody was seriously steep, I did some math and here is what I found out. It was a 1,364 ft climb (rise) in .8 miles or 4,224 ft (run). Rise divided by run equals your slope so 1364 divided by 4224 is an average mountain slope of 32.3%. If I did my math right, then this is one seriously steep mountain. Anyway, it kicked my ass needless to say so when I hit the bottom of the mountain, I knew my day was over. I was able to secure a room at Pine Ellis Hostel in Andover, ME. I dried out my gear and turned in early. The weather for the next few days is supposed to be great. 

Me after my climb up Moody 

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